SOLD: ‘Whimsy’ Etched Copper Cuff – Flame Painted

This One-off piece has been sold. Please get in touch if you would like to commission a similar piece.

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‘Whimsy’ Etched Copper Cuff

Individually designed and crafted copper cuff bracelet cut from sheet copper, etched and flame painted.

The cuff has been etched, then flame painted using a small butane torch and coated using renaissance wax.

This is a one -off cuff which is part of my new “Whimsy” range of etched copper designs. I just made a pattern on the sheet, a doodle if you like, and put it in the etching solution. Welcome to my world where most of my etched patterns are a little whimsical, because I simply do not have the gift of being able to sketch and draw beautiful designs on paper.

The Copper cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6 inches, Width 1.5 cm.


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