Etched Copper Cuff WHIMSY | Wide | Made to Order


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Wide Copper Cuff from WHIMSY Collection: Made to Order

Wide Etched Copper Cuff WHIMSY from my ‘Whimsy’ Collection of jewellery.

Individually designed and crafted wide etched copper cuff bracelets cut from sheet copper. The cuff has been etched, then given an antique finish using Liver of Sulphur.

This design is handmade to order and will be shipped within 3 – 15 days

This is a one -off cuff which is part of my new “Whimsy” range of etched copper designs. I just made a pattern on the sheet, a doodle if you like, and put it in the etching solution. Welcome to my world where most of my etched patterns are a little whimsical, because I simply do not have the gift of being able to sketch and draw beautiful designs on paper.

The Copper cuff is a standard fit at approximately 6 inches, Width 3cm.

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