Embossed Copper Pendants

Embossed Copper Pendants

Embossed Pendants made using my Rolling Mill.

I have been having a lot of embossing fun with my rolling mill. I crafted several simple pendants using various sources for patterns and these have been quite popular at the recent ESC Artists events.

I have added two new embossed pendants to my online shop today and more will be coming soon. Have a look on my online shop.

'Flora' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flora’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
'Flutterby' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flutterby’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
Keyrings and Bag Charms

Keyrings and Bag Charms

I have added a new range of keyrings and bag charms to my online shop and at my display shelf at Art in the Heart in Peterborough. The price range is from £7.50 – £12.00 depending on the size.

These have all been created using my new Rolling Mill and I have used a variety of card making patterns and printed them on copper tags. I think they are fun and great gifts. As these keyrings and bag charms are small and lightweight they would be great for posting out to friends and families who live far away.

Keyrings and bag charms by Shalini Austin
Vintage Car

Keyrings and bag charms by Shalini Austin
Classic Camper van

Keyrings and bag charms by Shalini Austin

Keyrings and bag charms by Shalini Austin

I am working on more of these keyrings and charms for the upcoming shows and events leading up to Christmas.

Yes… it is September and I mentioned the C word! Sorry! But Christmas is important for small businesses like mine. We all like receiving and giving gifts and this is that time of the year when there is a lot more gift buying happening.

Brass Cuffs Now Available

Brass Cuffs Now Available

New Range of Brass Cuffs now available to buy online in my shop.

Made a few Brass cuffs using my rolling mill and I am pleased to say they are looking rather good!

Brass Cuffs - floral pattern 1

The first brass cuff I made, as an experiment. sold within half an hour of listing it in my online shop so I decided to make a few more. Luckily I have a local shop in Stamford that stocks brass sheet so I quickly went into town to get some. Normally I have to wait for sheet metal to be delivered from my regular supplier based in Lancashire.

So I cut 6 bracelet blanks from the brass sheet. Then I played with a few patterns and put the brass blanks through the rolling mill. They printed really well and once polished and buffed the cuffs are looking very attractive indeed. Hopefully customers think so too and buy them 🙂

Some of these cuffs are in my online shop, some at Art in the Heart in Peterborough. And one is on my wrist because I am allowed to treat myself 😉

Handmade Paper Texture Earrings 

Paper Texture Earrings made using my new Rolling Mill. I cut the copper sheet into discs and rolled it through the Mill to print the texture.

Really pleased with the result 🙂

Paper Texture Earrings


I bought a sheet of handmade paper recently and rolled the copper discs with the paper to create these handmade paper texture earrings. I have more of this paper and will be creating more pieces of jewellery using this pattern. I am currently sawing some flower shapes from more the paper texture printed copper sheet I rolled in through the mill.

View in my online Shop: Handmade Paper Texture Copper Earrings | Shalini Austin: Metalsmith

Felt Bird & Copper Feather Bookmark: Made to Order 

Felt Bird Bookmarks made to Order in Lincolnshire by Esha – an art collaboration between felt artist Eve Marshall & Me. Each bird is needle felted by Eve and attached to the feather shaped textured copper sheet. Great gift for book lovers. 

Felt Bird and Copper Feather Bookmarks

Thinking of gift ideas for Christmas? Why not commission a felt bird bookmarks by Esha online: Felt Bird & Copper Feather Bookmark: Made to Order | Shalini Austin: Metalsmith

Saree – A Fold Formed Copper Cuff

‘Saree’ Fold Formed Copper Cuff, available to buy in my online shop: Fold Formed Copper Cuff “Saree” | Shalini Austin: Artisan Metalsmith

Saree Fold Formed Copper Cuff

More about Fold Forming Copper Cuffs