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Embossed Copper Pendants

Embossed Pendants made using my Rolling Mill.

I have been having a lot of embossing fun with my rolling mill. I crafted several simple pendants using various sources for patterns and these have been quite popular at the recent ESC Artists events.

I have added two new embossed pendants to my online shop today and more will be coming soon. Have a look on my online shop.

'Flora' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flora’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
'Flutterby' Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace
‘Flutterby’ Embossed Copper Pendant on Torc Necklace

Brass Cuffs Now Available

New Range of Brass Cuffs now available to buy online in my shop.

Made a few Brass cuffs using my rolling mill and I am pleased to say they are looking rather good!

Brass Cuffs - floral pattern 1

The first brass cuff I made, as an experiment. sold within half an hour of listing it in my online shop so I decided to make a few more. Luckily I have a local shop in Stamford that stocks brass sheet so I quickly went into town to get some. Normally I have to wait for sheet metal to be delivered from my regular supplier based in Lancashire.

So I cut 6 bracelet blanks from the brass sheet. ThenĀ I played with a few patterns and put the brass blanks through the rolling mill. They printed really well and once polished and buffed the cuffs are looking very attractive indeed. Hopefully customers think so too and buy them šŸ™‚

Some of these cuffs are in my online shop, some at Art in the Heart in Peterborough. And one is on my wrist because I am allowed to treat myself šŸ˜‰

Handmade Paper Texture EarringsĀ 

Paper Texture Earrings made using my new Rolling Mill. I cut the copper sheet into discs and rolled it through the Mill to print the texture.

Really pleased with the result šŸ™‚

Paper Texture Earrings


I bought a sheet of handmade paper recently and rolled the copper discs with the paper to create these handmade paper texture earrings. I have more of this paper and will be creating more pieces of jewellery using this pattern. I am currently sawing some flower shapes from more the paper texture printed copper sheet I rolled in through the mill.

View in my online Shop: Handmade Paper Texture Copper Earrings | Shalini Austin: Metalsmith

YAY! I Bought a Rolling Mill!

Rolling Mill installed on my workbench New Toy! I bought a Rolling Mill and I am so excited! šŸ˜€

Another view of Rolling Mill installed on my workbenchThanks to the wonderful customers who shopped in my online shop and at the ESC Artists Market in June I was finally able to buy a small Rolling Mill. It will help me create new textures and patterns on my jewellery and sculptures.

I will post more about it as I get to know it better.

First two pieces made with my new toy:

Copper Earrings: Handmade Paper Texture
Copper Earrings: Polka Dots Texture

There are lots of different Rolling Mills available to buy online. Have a Look!

Copper Cuffs – Air-Chased & Fold-Formed

Last week-end I spent some time making more one-off copper cuffs. It was a LOT of fun šŸ™‚ And the finished pieces have definitely put a smile on my face. I hope you like them too!Ā 

I made a series of social media posts as I crafted these pieces. This is what I plan to do with all new work I create so you might want to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see pictures of my work as they happen. I have copied the posts I made below with the images. Ā 

All three Cuffs have now been added to my shop and can be purchased on-line. I accept commissions and will be happy to create a piece for you. If the size you want is not available the shopĀ please do get in touch to have a piece made especially for you.

Fold Formed and Air-Chased cuffs are individually crafted in my studio and no two pieces are ever identical.Ā 

Air Chasing Copper Pipe

Air chasingĀ CopperĀ sheet to create another ‘Lunar’ cuff bracelet.

Making good progress on the Air-chased Copper Cuff.

I have also started a fold-formed cuff bracelet.

air chasing and fold forming
fold forming

Fold Formed Copper Cuff coming up nicely

2 Cuffs ready for pickle.

I have some copper pipe I want to work on next so I will get back to this later.

air chasing and fold forming
copper cuffs in the pickle

3 copper cuffs and a pendant in the pickle pot getting cleaned.

I will take these out in a few minutes and make it nice and shiny using a wire brush and then think about patina

Weekend work just out of liver of sulphur.

Now I will spend some time buffing and cleaning and then they will be ready

liver of sulphur patina
copper cuffs

And finished!

I am so pleased with the new cuffs I made over the weekend

Tools you will need for air chasing and fold forming:
Jeweller’s vice

Air-Chased Rustic Copper Ring | Shalini Austin: Artisan Metalsmith

Air-Chased Rustic Copper Ring. One-Off Statement Ring suitable for Men & Women

Source: Air-Chased Rustic Copper Ring | Shalini Austin: Artisan Metalsmith