Upcycled: Waste Not Want Not

Often when I see scrap copper or end pieces after I have just finished cutting sheet for a sculpture or bracelet I can hear my Mum’s voice reminding me:

Waste Not Want Not

This was mostly in relation to leaving food on our plates, but the phrase has stayed with me. And working with copper it is very exciting that I can put this advise into practice on a regular basis.

I try to use salvaged copper sheet and copper pipes where possible / available as you can see in the items listed in this category.

Dave is of the same opinion. We really do try our best to ‘make do and mend’ and this stretches to our craft too. Dave makes stuff out of wood salvaged from old pallets.

I strongly believe that we can all make an effort to waste as little as possible… so as Ma says “waste not want not”.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results