Work in Progress | 5 January 2021

Work in Progress | 5 January 2021

Bits of copper back on the workbench this week.

5 January 2021: Making copper moons and measuring spoons

I took some time away from copper things over Christmas and start of the new year in hope of clearing up the brain fog that has lately become a part of life. Thanks 2020 – NOT!

I am not sure if the time out worked fully but it is time to get back to work… At least try to get back to work.

Mr A a wants measuring spoons (he is the head chef in this family) and my friend Eve Marshall wants copper moons for her latest piece of felt artwork. So there is some work happening again.

I have never made spoons so that should be fun… I think…
Moons, I think I know what I have to do.

I will post more pictures once I have finished the projects.

Meanwhile everyone stay safe and if you are in the UK stay home if you can. We are in a lockdown. Take care of yourself!

Midnight Visitors Limited Edition Fleece Blanket Scarf by Eve Marshall Artisan Felter

Here is an example of of one of the copper moons I made for Eve last year.

She made this amazing artwork which is now also available in some of her merchandise including as Fleece Shawls.

Visit Eve’s Online Shop






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